Game of Thrones: What went wrong in Season 6.

Remember when in childhood, you are said to go to a certain place with the direction being said, go two lefts, one right, and straight,and another left. Irrespective of that, you always end up lost, or not you but may be there was some other child, another friend who definitely has direction issue.

The condition can pretty much sum up for how the film unit messed up with the sixth series of Game of thrones. It is an epic series, set up in a medieval period, themed mostly around politics and families whose family tree just gets broaden with each new episode. Besides all that the main thing is it is an adaptation of “A song of ice and fire” novel series by George R.R. Martin. The author who is inspired from J.R.R. Tolkien and which just explains the slight similarities of this series with The Lord of the Rings series.

The Lord of the rings series with its movie adaptation was more or less justified with the works of Peter Jackson. After the Lord of the Rings was already a famous novel. Written by Tolkien in early decades of 20th century. Tolkien was not there to see the adaptation which was may be just usual. But his work was justified on the screen. The talks about
middle earth and shire still are and will be the talks of any good

Likewise, Game of thrones gaining a more popular status in the present time. The north remembers, winter is coming, and much quotes of different characters are well printed in T-shirts of fans as well as in their minds. The different families, and the conspiracies of the series are a big part of talk among the youths today.

An adaptation is a complicated thing. If not always then most often it ends up not-so-good. Writers are always super conscious about turning their work into a movie adaptation. Because a adaptation in screen limits the imagination it provides to the reader/viewer despite giving a bigger market. There are so many examples of that. The chronicles of Narnia was not so good at screen despite being a popular fantasy novel. JD Salinger famously said he wouldn’t like to see a movie adaptation of his novel “Catcher in the Rye” till he is alive.

Despite all this, the filming unit of Game of thrones were doing a pretty much good job, if not impressive. From initiating the story with the Friendship between Robert Baratheon, the hunting whores and fucking boars guy, and Ned Stark, (Winter is coming. :D), which ended up in one being killed by a boar(irony) and second one being beheaded for treason he didn’t(or did he ) commit, the filming unit pretty much did a good job on adapting the complicated story that is never out of any material, but just keeps on throwing more.

It was good, well directed and all good going till John Snow was killed. I would love to say it was because John snow is such a great character and show shouldn’t have kill him and screwed it because he was killed. But it screwed even more when they resurrected him, just as any other fire-born with the help of God of Fire(Melisandra). This was because GRRM had already written the story by himself to that point. And that’s why when John Snow was killed, everyone was even those book readers who always thought they are in the front seat in any GOT talks were without any idea of what is to happen next.

The story was woven carefully by GRRM over a long course of time. The first book of ASOIAF was published in 1996. It takes time to write a good book, and GRRM took it to his advantage, may be that’s why he has those long beards despite being not so old. But suddenly the series reached to the point where John snow is dead. And then they want to go on further with the story just next year. That’s the thing that screwed up this whole god-damn story. It brought us to Season 6, which was all we were waiting for since a year. And Season 6 delivered, one after another episode. Fans are sticked to the screen the whole hour it is playing. And the new fans are just doing marathons of the whole previous season just to get up with this one.

Game of thrones is all about wars, conspiracies, betrayals and a long wait for winter. And Season 6 was the same. It had all of the things Game of thrones fans were promised. All the plot twists and the conspiracies. And finally it ended the Westeros long wait for winter. But what it made us feel was that this time the producers were in a more hurry to finish the show than the audiences. So they just hurried the storyline. Daenerys Targaryen who was just conquering Essos now certainly moves in ships with her army to Westeros. Cersei just takes over the Kings Landing, Jon Snow gets back to Winterfell. So they have placed all the main characters in their right places to make the final war.

The cost comes from going ahead of the novel, they should have just given time to GRRM. Meanwhile they could do some prequel stories, which can be quite predictable with so many detail GRRM provides. A good work comes in a notable time. It was like they were somewhat close of it, and now consciously they are destroying it.

And now they are planning to finish it in next season !! I cannot think of a more terrible thing to such a fantastic story like this.

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