Top 10 Android Apps That You Need

Keeping track of the Best android apps is a tricky. A blessing, with thousands of apps uploaded each day to the play store, the next great apps might have just rolled on or will be coming soon.

Despite all that, for great basic functionality of android phones, here is a list of some of the apps you must have on your phone.

1. Google Suite

No doubt, if you don’t have it then just install it, most of it moreover. Google is the so called owner of the whole android OS, so it has the apps that are well customized for better performances (consider Nexus phone while buying too.). besides that Google pack has the basic android apps for our needs, some of them are.

Google drive, Google docs, Gmail, Snapseed, Inbox, Photos, etc

each one is well worth a try. Since its comes
with a seamless integration with all your Google services over the
cloud, which is just a cherry on the cake. So go for it.

2. Evernote

This app cannot be not-listed in any best app categories, whereas google doc, or google keep can come close to give a think about it, but evernote just is in the front line of note taking app by a wide margin. Evernote may not be a google product, but in the synchronizing department it is no lesser than the google products.

3. FlipBoard

If you don’ t have this app, then you will miss quite of great deal of news and information. This app provides simple and effective interface to make the reading easy, and selecting from different categories of news are never easy than this.

4. Pocket

the bookmarking app at its best, you just install it, and then whatever you are reading, if you like them, you can bookmark it for later reading, or future reference using pocket. Also it downloads the content to a more readable format.

5. Todoist

well other to-do apps like wunderlist and give a tough challenge in this department, yet todoist maintains a good reputation with its sleek and easy UI/UX. With the desktop client and browser integration, it gets more better and easier to plan out one’s life. (if you spend too much time in your phone and PC, then go for it.)

6. Chrome

I didn’t thought of putting this one in the list, but when I flashed another Rom in my phone, there was another browser by default which was never going to be used. Sad thing. In PC, chrome might give a headache with RAM, but in mobile, you got to have this browser.

TIP: install Chromer after installing chrome.

7. Dropbox.

Whereas google drive comes pretty good job with
the cloud storage department, dropbox yet stands its ground to
challenge Google for the coveted position. It is another great app,
with great integration that cannot be missed from the alumni.


want to make your friends with Iphone jealous, just talk about this app. A powerful app to automate task in your phone. You can set up your own custom tasks like “Save the favorited item in Pocket to Evernote”

9. Pushbullet

ever got into situation like you have got laptop in your lap, and your phone rings, some feet away. Then get really annoyed because you have to pull off the laptop and go there. With this app, you can integrate your phone to your PC, just see all the notification of your phone with in your laptop, and even send sms through your laptop. Things only get better from this point, just try it once.

10. Airdroid

Another app that gives Phone-PC integration, help in all sort of things, from transferring files between phone and PC, to accessing the camera of your phone, accessing all the photos and documents. It is a powerful app and fully featured.

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