Books vs Movies

The long debated question that makes a headline with people of any age-group, which despite the intelligence of the debaters and yet intelligently goes unanswered, all the time. So, which one is better ? The feeling of getting lost in world of words in the stories that takes a good amount of time to finish, or the ones that has a limited duration but is visually pleasing with all kind of modernities. Here are some of the factors I found out to judge them.
  • Imagination
A story is always about giving the readers or viewers, the sense of feeling that they are living the story. That they will feel in how the characters in the movie are feeling in their fictitious world. Its about taking them into a different world, the world that the writer/director created. 
Some movies are quite gripping, it takes the audiences by surprise, others leaves an impression for a longer period. After all movie is a great factor for the pop culture. From the groceries and stores filled with Stars Wars gadgets, to the Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, the people who felt shivers when Jack leaves the hands of Rose in Titanic. That gave quite an impression to the audiences beyond the theatres.
Whereas movies have a bigger audiences but in the imagination department books take the cake. Immersing oneself in a story by reading through the pages is really a greater deal of imagination than just watching it. Books give you a more intense world, a world you can imagine by yourself. Stephen King famously hated what Stanley Kubrick did with “The Shining” and went one to make another version of it with different director. It just so happens sometimes, but books are better to grow your imagination and to feel the story.
  • Time
This is a silly thing to take a note of while discussing artistic things. But time does have to be an important thing in this world that is moving fast, and just getting faster. People doesn't have all the time in the world. They cannot spend all day doing just one thing.And time is a factor that just puts movies as a better one than books. Immersing oneself over a course of some days, or even weeks seems pretty much costly than just watching a movie of the same story within some hours. Yeah one will be compromised with the greater details, and some adaptation that cannot be satisfied with, but other than that, its quick, and you got time for other things now.
Ever looked at those thick volumes of Lord of the rinds trilogy, whereas the movies are just 4 hours each,(not such a bargain but still awesome.)
  • Inspiration
It is one of the things most people look for all the time. They seek them from everywhere, from the real world as well as fictitious world someone created. They get the inspiration to struggle looking at the life of Nelson Mandela in Long walk to freedom, or some can just read the autobiography. My personal experience on this was quite a fresh one though. I had this short story “Who moved my cheese?” lined up for reading. I was just missing it, or getting distracted after a page or two(after all it was only 39 pages.) I found this short adaptation of the story on youtube that was just 13 minutes. Just like that it would be finished. But right that moment I got my focus and finished the book. 😀 . and later on when check the video, I found it a bit “OK”. But reading the book was better. It inspired me, I believe more than if I had watched that short video. Matter of fact, I am trying to change after this book, and started writing one blog a day (this blog also happened because of that.).
  • Fan Club
why to do something if you cannot share it with others. The great fan clubs. Making fun chats, inspirational meetings all regarding the movies and books. And they are quite awesome. In a distant past, may be a decade ago or two, book club used to be a bigger thing. Even now a days they are with with great followers and dedicated ones, but they just couldn't increase much in size, whereas the movie watchers exploded in number. Thanks to the digital revolution.
Finally, it is ones own choice, what you will
find better, and may be some other will feel not so much. That comes
out from our rationality. Just enjoy what you are doing and let
others do the same.

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