Different Movies

The movies have gone so mainstream that every one is copying from the other. The translated ones, the inspired ones and the most notorious, the sequels. So, I wanted to list the movies that are just different from the rest of the pack, or those that cannot be copied much easily.

1. Days of Heaven

I have watched many(I mean it) movies to this
date, yet at no point have I been more touched by the cinematography,
music and the narration than this one. While watching this, I feel
the wind blowing, the small happy and cherishing feels and the
struggle that is in life. This is like a magical movie, with simple
story, good actors and great direction.

2. Tree of life

With this I could just list all of the 
Terrence Malick's movie, so thing is, you have to check the works of
this director. May be you get bored, but definitely you will see
something that is way way out of reach of any other director to capture.

3. Martyrs

I don't know how I ended up with this movie. I
would be happy to look for who ever suggested this movie and find the
and just make the watch this in the Clockwork Orange style. This was
seriously one of those grimly sad movie that I will be happy to
not remember about. Whereas this list is about a different movie, so
it makes the list.

4. Seventh Seal.

A movie where the character with his cool,
challenges death god to a chess match, thinking he might get back his
ended life. That was funny, but the movie isn't. it's so serious in
bergman way dealing with life, death, religion, good, evil and a lot of other things that I have to look of bible again. The original one from 1957, a true master piece.

5. Clockwork orange

I don't know what exactly describes this movie. An art of rage, youth and craziness and the law. Stanley Kubrick can just be called the Master, the most perfect director of all time. And he is another guy whose work can make most of this list, namely, 2001: A Space Odessey, Dr. Strangelove and others. This one portraying a future civilization is more closer and

6. Stalker

Like Malick, and Bergman (and Kubrick) comes
another director whose all the movies can fill up the list.
Tarkavosky yelled out his personal life in Mirror, but Stalker is the
one that will define him. This movie made one confusing use of color
that viewer must wait till the end, not just to see the color, but
what is the whole thing is about (hint, you wont figure out this
movie, I challenge you.)

7. Amelie

The lovely Audrey Tautau justifies the role as
the innocent french girl. Whereas so many of the french new wave
cinema, which became popular because of their strange(Different!!)
plot structure, Amelie is one the of finest portrayals of that. And
believe me you won't get bored watching this one.

8. Mulholland Dr.

A movie that haunted me for days. One of those
that got in my head for days, the characters, the story and the
music. This lynchian surreal story deserves every credit to be on
this list. The whole drama just echoes without any logic to put up. the story goes on in a simple fashion then it takes a leap, or just vanishes.

9. Birdman.

I am not explaining about this, and I have no idea what happened at the end. damn Alejandro González Iñárritu.

10. Cache.

I would like to quote Roger Ebert on this one,
“How can you not see the gun that was on the table the whole time
?”. I seriously ended up watching the movie again looking for the
gun and the table. There were none but luckily I got the point. This
movie was rightfully voted the best movie of 2010 decade.

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